Real Estate Investing

Real estate investing can be a rewarding process, but it can come with risks. If you want to determine the potential for success in this field, first you’ll need to consider how much you can commit to your investments, estimate your profit margins, consult with an attorney at the Raymond Carrero, P.A. firm that specializes in real estate, and plan out long-term investment goals.

Here are a few things we can assist with as you get started.

Profit Margin

Always figure out your desired profit margin at the beginning of the deal, your lawyer and a qualified accountant can help you to come up with realistic numbers. This includes an accurate calculation of expenses (both predictable and unforeseen).

Property Value

Do the footwork to get a property’s comparable sales to determine its retail market value.  The seller or real estate broker have a vested interest in giving you the high-end range of value. We can assist with evaluating the market numbers, in order to value your target properly.

Long Term Goals

Are you going to keep the property for a long time?  Do you want to flip it?  Know what your plan is before you put pen to paper on any deal.  Remember that there’s a big difference between gross profit margin and net profit margin. Savvy investors take into account the time value of money when calculating investment returns and these factors can be discussed and mapped out so that the investor can set a realistic time frame for flipping real estate.

Legal Counsel

The firm is able to negotiate with insurance companies to get fair compensation for your property in case of a loss. This includes also the content in the home that were destroyed. This loss could result from fire, natural disasters, vandalism and water damage that you have insured your property against. If settlement cannot be negotiated, our firm will be able to litigate the insurance claim if it is appropriate to do so in your situation in order to get your property to its original form.

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The law firm of Raymond Carrero, P.A. offers these real estate services.  We are a well-established firm that works with property owners, real estate investors, and many other business entities.  Contact us today to see how we can assist you in your real estate investment deals.

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