Litigation & Appeals

Litigation can be stressful, time consuming and costly. For this reason we offer alternatives to minimize the unpredictable expense of litigation. Unlike most litigations firms, Raymond Carrero, P.A. offers several options including hourly billing, fixed fees and contingency fees in certain matters.

Legal Advice

The firm offers full legal advice to the client on the matter at hand. It also gives a complete evaluation of the legal issues associated with a particular matter so that the client can decide the best course of action to take. To the firm, the interests of its client are always considered a first priority. The litigation advocate analyses all the risks involved which includes whether any potential legal liabilities to you as a client and how best you can alleviate those risks and liabilities. This enables clients to identify any threat ahead of time.


Crisis Management

The firm offers full litigation services on crisis management. In case a client comes across a major challenge in their business, products or any other related crisis, the firm provides litigation attorneys who work with the client to solve such issues. This can either be achieved through mediation outside the court or full representation in court. In most cases, the firm considers it wise(and of benefit to its clients) to first try and settle matters outside of court when possible.

Civil Litigation

The firm takes you through mediations, hearings and trials before: local  and state courts as well as administrative agencies. This may include matters concerning real estate, Landlord /Tenant disputes and corporate/business disputes.



The firm continues to offer litigation services to its clients on all related matters.  The firm has had success in several litigation matters and appeals; Raymond Carrero has successfully appealed cases in the Third District Court of Appeal as well as a successful appeal before the Supreme Court of Florida. Van Vorgue v Rankun, 41. So.3d 849 (Fla.,2010)

You can always contact us at the office of Raymond Carrero, P.A. for more information on our litigation services.

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