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Foreclosure Attorney in Miami

Affiliates of The Law Firm of Raymond Carrero, P.A. are passionate about educating victims facing foreclosure or clients who are in default with their mortgage payments about their homeowner’s rights. At The Law Firm of Raymond Carrero, P. A. we believe a person’s property rights are some of the most fundamental rights enjoyable here in America. Many clients come to us in times of financial hardship to receive a thorough understanding of their options. We have been in business since March 2008 and our office holds expertise in all of the following areas: real estate, investing, community associations, litigation & appeals, and foreclosures. Fifty percent of our current practice is dedicated to real estate; a grand majority regards foreclosure defense. Miami residents look to us for guidance regarding the delicate decisions they face.

Florida’s position at the top of the top 10 states with the highest foreclosure rates is nothing to praise. The difficulty you face when looking for the right Miami foreclosure attorney comes as no surprise—this is an extremely competitive market in Florida. What sets our firm apart from other Miami foreclosure attorneys is our attention to detail and dedication to each individual case. If you need a foreclosure attorney in Miami to represent your case, would you seek a firm that handles over 3,000 clients? Chances are no individual case is paid much attention or given much scrutiny under that workload. Raymond Carrero, Esquire, from The Law Firm of Raymond Carrero, P. A., Miami manages his firm a bit differently.

Unlike the average Miami foreclosure lawyer, Raymond Carrero has been specializing in foreclosure defense from the start of his career. Most attorneys claiming to be experts in this field these days have only begun their foreclosure practice at the start of the foreclosure crisis. Carrero has worked on all foreclosure fronts, including that of the lenders’, associations’, investors’, and borrowers’. This all-encompassing experience ensures the best possible plan of attack to defend your property from the hands of the banks and lending companies. Homeowners in Miami-Dade County who are on the brink of foreclosure or in its final stages should consult The Law Firm of Raymond Carrero, P. A. right away to receive a free one-on-one consultation with a licensed attorney to develop a secure course of action.

No other foreclosure lawyer in Miami is easier to contact. Carrero prides himself in making himself available to all of his clients. He understands the gravity of the situation and the concerns that arise at all hours of the day. Whether you seek to modify a mortgage, fight a fraudlent foreclosure, negotiate with your lender, or just want to know the legal outcomes of your planned course of action, call us at (305) 358-9495 to schedule an appointment. Your first consultation is FREE whether or not you choose us to represent you in court. We are certain that you will be better informed upon that meeting. Do not hesitate any longer, call us today!